Nampa reentry center residents help “brush up” Nampa

Residents sit and stand on doorstep of painted house
By Bruce Wells-Moore, Manager, Nampa Community Reentry Center

This year, the City of Nampa has had a greater need than they have volunteers. This year Brush Up Nampa is painting 9 houses. 

Due to the high need, the City of Nampa asked the Nampa CRC to paint two houses this year, which we agreed to do. 

Staff from Nampa, Officer Pyell and AA Anette Redder volunteered to give up there weekend to make the project a success. 

Even Deputy Chief Greg got in on the action and helped prep and paint the Ord street house. 

Clair is the homeowner of the Ord street home. The homeowner on 9th Avenue is Sally. 

The teams trimmed trees, shrubs and applied weed and seed to the homes lawns. 

In addition to painting their homes and doing some yardwork, the residents of the Nampa CRC donated over $500 for extras for each homeowner. 

This allowed the two teams to purchase things like, rebuild a deck, purchase potted plans, new mailboxes, mailbox posts, refurbish deck furniture and replace rotted siding and door and window frames on the homes.

Story published: 06/18/2018
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