New Certified Arcon Instructors

group photo
By Graye Wolfe, IDOC Training Coordinator, Program Supervisor

13 new IDOC staff just recently graduated from the POST ARCON instructor course. This class was 8 days in duration and taught the staff members the new arrest technique and defensive tactics platform that the department is moving to. The class was extremely physical and our staff were pretty sore and tired by the end, but were all smiles on the last day. 

Pictured is Sgt. Craig Thomson ISCC, Officer Stephen Price ISCC, Lt. Josh Overgaard ISCI, Sgt. Darryl Blanchard ISCI, Section Supervisor Seth Radimer D4, Sgt. Matt Blanford ICIO, Sgt. James Frasier ISCC, Cpl Levi Willard ISCC, Sgt. Shawn Hawk MTC/CAPP, Sgt. Pedro Rodriguez ISCI, Sgt. Michelle Juarez IMSI, Cpl Jesus Rodriguez ISCI, Sgt. Sabino Ramirez ISCI, Sgt Jonathan Riley IMSI (Not Pictured). We had 5 instructors during the 8 days of the class class including POST Coordinator Kevin Graham, PO Nick Christensen D4, Graye Wolfe Central Office, Lead PO Casey Fatzinger D4 (Not Pictured), Cpl. Enrico Bongiovi ISCC, and Sgt. Zach Diaz IMSI. Congratulations all!!

Story published: 03/07/2019
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