New desks offer new opportunities for IMSI inmates

desks in classroom
By Lt. Shanae Meacham, IMSI

In the continuing journey of reforming Idaho’s Administration Segregation practices, the Idaho Maximum Security Institution recently installed security programming desks. 

The addition of these desks has given inmates the ability to participate in education, programming, and entertainment—even if they are in Administrative Segregation.

The desks are specially designed to restrain individuals to them using ankle restraints and in some cases a single wrist restraint. 

Regardless of their status within the facility, this will allow people with programming and educational needs to participate in a pro-social group setting as long as they are willing to participate. 

In another exciting development, IMSI recently welcomed Instructor Michael Robertson to the facility where he has been working diligently with inmates in this setting to help them get their G.E.Ds. 

These new opportunities will allow for inmates to develop new skills and education in a more positive environment.

Story published: 10/30/2017
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