New fire season record for ICIO Projects

2 officers watch crew
Photo courtesy Lt. Greg Heun, ICIO

As long as statistics have been kept on revenue generated by fire fighting here at ICIO Projects, [last Thursday] we reached a milestone! We broke the record pertaining to yearly fire revenue and the fire jobs are continuing!

On top of this we are two staff short of what we had last year!You may have noticed a fire camp just outside Orofino as you are heading to Kamiah (Municipal Complex Fire Camp).

We have 3 crews at that location; one 10-man fire fighting crew (Red Hotz 3) and two Camp Maintenance crews.

I just visited this fire camp [on Thursday] and was pleased to hear Incident Command (IC) is EXTREMELY happy with our work - to the point that the IC will be issuing certificates to all our people at the camp (Officer Schmirler, Mozley, & Hussey supervising).

We blazed this trail 3 years ago when we sent our first-ever Camp Maintenance crew to the Elk Complex Fire located southeast of Boise and received the first ever, for a Camp Maintenance crew, a certificate of recognition for excellent performance (Officer Mozley & Wilkinson supervised).That was the first of many now received.

We received a certificate in July from the 3 Sisters Fire outside Coeur d'Alene (Officer Mozley and Officer Spence supervised).

The Cabin Gulch Fire in Montana this past July, wanted to give the entire Camp Crew souvenirs of the fire for their great work (Officer Hussey & Officer Milkes supervised).

We are pleased with the hard work our officers are doing and this hard work is reflected in revenue generated, great evaluations written on them by the fire IC's, and the certificates of recognition.

Our Red Hotz 1 and Red Hotz 2 crews continue to do excellent work on the fires they have been working.

Red Hotz 2 was extended beyond the 14-day maximum time to be on a fire without a 2-day break and pulled a 21-day hitch (authorized extension). First time this has happened since I came to Projects.

Both teams received excellent/superior evaluations (highest ratings given on each of two different evaluation forms used on fires).

These forms are required to be filled out on every fire they work on.

2015 fires - so far

Red Hotz 1, Canoe Camp Fire (Officer Burke & Cpl. Schultz), overall rating - EXCELLENT!

Red Hotz 2, Highway 5 Fire (Officer Spence & Officer Few), SUPERIOR rating in every category!

Red Hotz 1, Vanderbuilt Fire (Officer Burke, Cpl. Schultz), overall rating - SUPERIOR!

Red Hotz 2, Cape Horn Fire (Officer Spence & Few), SUPERIOR rating in every category!

Red Hotz 1, Sixmile Fire (Officer Burke, Cpl. Schultz), overall rating - SUPERIOR!

Red Hotz 1, Deep Creek Fire (Officer Burke, Cpl. Schultz), overall rating - EXCELLENT!

Red Hotz 1, GVC Initial Attack Task Force (Officer Burke & Milkes) SUPERIOR rating in every category!

Red Hotz 2, Big Lost Fire (Cpl. Schultz, Officer Few) overall rating - SUPERIOR!

Still waiting for paperwork on 8 other fires Red Hotz 1, 2, and now 3, worked on or are currently working on.

Our Camp Maintenance crews have received the same ratings as well as the certificates of recognition I noted above.

Our Camp Maintenance crews wear florescent orange shirts - as you will see in the photos.

It is easier for camp personnel to see them in camp (for assigning duties).

We learned early on that the red shirt & blue jean look Givens Hall normally has would not work at a fire camp....Nearly all other support personnel at the camps (caterers, hygiene services & etc) wear red shirts and blue jeans!

Story published: 09/07/2015
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