New pics show new lights

Aerial photo of IMSI in foreground
Aerial photo shows how IMSI's lights compare to ISCI's

Last month EDOC reported on the effort to upgrade exterior lighting at Idaho Department of Correction facilities statewide.

New aerial photos of the South Boise Correctional Complex show the difference the new lights will make. 

IDOC construction manager Mike McCabe sent us these pictures that show how the new lights at Idaho Maximum Security Institution compare with the current lighting system at Idaho State Correctional Institution.

IMSI’s new lights have a blue hue and provide better clarity while ISCI’s lights emit a warm, yellow color that gives shadows more reach and depth.

But there’s an even bigger difference when it comes to energy usage.

When the statewide upgrade is completed, IDOC expects the new lighting will save 1.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year and cut the department’s annual electric bill by about $101,000.

In terms of carbon emissions, the savings will be equivalent to removing 235 passenger vehicles from U.S. roads.

The new lighting systems are manufactured by a Meridian-based company, Global Energy & Lighting. IDOC is using Global Energy’s 375W and 210W Ceramatek retrofit kits for exterior lighting, and the department is considering using other Global Energy products to improve interior lighting on a select basis around the state.

A Global Energy lighting system has already been installed at the Idaho State Correctional Institution’s gym.

Story published: 07/11/2014
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