NICI Firecracker 5K

inmates run down NICI's "main street"
By Christine Reuter, Office Specialist 2, North Idaho Correctional Institution

Due to the success of the Annual Turkey Trot, North Idaho Correctional Institution staff put together the Fourth of July Firecracker 5K in what will hopefully become an annual event. 

The NICI inmate Color Guard began the Fourth of July Firecracker 5K with the Pledge of Allegiance, and similar to a NASCAR race, led a warm-up lap with the U.S. Flag and State of Idaho Flag. This was quite a sight for observers as the 10-man team led the runners through the course, which included an uphill jaunt of NICI’s Main Street. 

There were 59 inmates that started and finished the race. More than 30 inmates volunteered to help pass out water, count laps, and keep time. The top finisher completed the race in 00:21:52. 

The fellowship created by one inmate who signed up to run the race despite a disability that makes movement tough. His 5k journey began with his goal to finish the race in 90 minutes to show the other guys that if he could finish and not need pain pills – the source of his addiction –  that other inmates could do anything they set their minds to without drugs. When it became clear that this gentleman was going to beat his goal; a crowd of participants, volunteers, staff gathered to cheer him on as he finished in 58 minutes.

The holiday was complete with a full day of NICI league whiffle ball games and a cold Pepsi at count time for inmates that have been DOR free for 6 months.

Story published: 08/07/2018
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