NICI inmates make pet beds for pet-rescue group

About 10 inmates with pet rescue beds
By Christine Reuter, Office Specialist 2, North Idaho Correctional Institution

Recently, FSO LaWanda Hudson invited staff to donate baked goods for an upcoming Zeus’ Friends fundraiser.

Warden Krieger suggested we use the denim donated to the facility to make pet beds to donate.

Correctional staff were able to supervise this new project and especially liked the idea of keeping the laundry workers busy, and the workers more than willing to help.

This was truly a group effort with the special thanks going to the offender laundry workers.

LaWanda told Tammy Falcon—Zeus’ Friends director of Lewiston/Grangeville area, “The offenders were eager to jump at the chance to do something so worthwhile for the lost and displaced animals in the area. They are proud to be able to give of their time and energy to such a worthwhile cause.”  

If you are looking for an organization to donate your time to—or simply want to donate pet food or supplies—the Zeus’ Friends organization is working in every area of Idaho. 

They will gladly accept any support to help the lost or needy animals.

Story published: 10/22/2019
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