North Region CNT Member Steps Down After 18 Years

Staff stand with Thomas for photo
Photo by Tara Mager
By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

North Region Crisis Negotiation Team member Rob Thomas steps down from the team after 18 years.

Rob has spent most of his nearly 30 years with the IDOC on the CNT and wanted to make room for some ‘new blood’.

He was a valuable, knowledgeable, member that we will miss, said the north region team leader, Lieutenant Greg Heun.

In training, Heun also said, Rob would many times play a very believable angry hostage taker, making some of us wonder if he had some hidden personality, that contrasted his normal mellow demeanor.

Surrounded by many of the North Region team and ICIO Administration, Rob was presented a well-deserved plaque for his service.

Story published: 01/08/2019
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