North Region Honor Guard turns 10

2005 photo of North Region Honor Guard
2005 photo of North Region Honor Guard

August 2005, then Sergeant Amy Anderson (now Deputy Warden Anderson at ICIO) brought back to life the North Region IDOC Honor Guard and the team has been running strong ever since. 

Consisting of staff from ICIO and NICI, the team has made its mark in northern Idaho and beyond. 

To date, the North Region Honor Guard has participated in 61 significant events including funerals, parades, graduation ceremonies, Veteran's Day ceremonies and POST & CERT graduations.  

Of the original team from 2005, two are still active on the team:

Officer Larry Jones, now Corporal Larry Jones and Officer Greg Heun, now Lt. Greg Heun.  

Those from the original team who went on to other challenges: Sgt. Anderson went on to become Deputy Warden Anderson at ICIO. 

Officer Leroy Peneku went on to become Deputy Warden Peneku at ISCI. 

Officer Craig Leigh is now a DARS at ISCI. 

Officer Jim White retired. 

Officer Gordon Benson and Officer Barb Cooper had to leave the team for personal reasons - still with the Department. 

Officer John Roberts left the Department seeking greater challenges. 

Not bad odds that all but one of this team still works for the Department.

Corporal Crystal Fleming is now the Team Commander and took Amy Anderson's place upon her promotion to deputy warden. Stay tuned for more Honor Guard 10-year information.

For more on the North Region Honor Guard, see IDOC's Facebook page, idoc.alert.

Story published: 08/31/2015
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