Operation Kickstand provides bikes to inmates’ kids

eight kids on bikes stand with dads
Cpt. Dagoberto Martinez, Idaho State Correctional Center

Members of American Legion Post 201, made up of inmates at Idaho State Correctional Center, have put in countless volunteer hours repairing bicycles for The Boise Bike Project. 

For every fifteenth bicycle that gets repaired, ISCC gets a voucher for a free bike. 

These vouchers are given to inmates who may need a mode of transportation when they are released to the Treasure Valley. 

ISCC and the Boise Bike project came up with the idea of a bike giveaway when the numbers showed that ISCC had extra vouchers.  

The offender population at ISCC was made aware of this great opportunity, and eight individuals took advantage of it.  

On November 5, the inmates wheeled out bicycles one at a time.  

The children also received a mounted bicycle flashlight, bike lock and a helmet.  

ISCC would like to thank the families who came out to take advantage of this great opportunity, the Boise Bike Project, American Legion Post 201, Kristina Waldram and all the staff at ISCC. 

Story published: 11/12/2019
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