OPS releases its FY13 report

OPS graph from report
Number of allegations/complaints by category

The Idaho Department of Correction’s Office of Professional Standards has released its FY13 annual statistical report.

It shows OPS conducted 26 investigations resulting in 45 allegations of misconduct during the past fiscal year. Most involved employees of the Department, but OPS investigated three allegations of impropriety on the part of Department contractors or other administrative matters.

Take a look at the report and you’ll see how FY13 compares to previous years. You can also learn more about how the OPS investigation process works.

OPS is a unit within the Director’s Office primarily responsible for conducting investigations into allegations of employee misconduct and providing general investigative services for the Department.
OPS is charged with recording complaints and departmental investigations, conducting serious staff misconduct investigations and monitoring less-serious staff misconduct investigations.
In FY13, OPS had a complement of two full-time investigators, one temporary investigator and one full-time administrative assistant.

Story published: 03/28/2014
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