Pastor uses untrained horse to inspire SBWCC inmates

Inmates watch man on horse
Pastor Todd Pierce with Ranger
By Lt. Alicia Carver, SBWCC

Over the course of the summer, inmates at the South Boise Women’s Correctional Center have had the opportunity to take part in a variety of special events such as the Car and Bike Show and Picnic in the Park(ing lot). 

Most recently, SBWCC volunteer religious coordinator Trisha Sykes worked with the chaplain from the Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario to bring a presentation called “Born Wild, Created to be Free” by Riding High Ministries to the facility.

Riding High Ministries travels all over the United States presenting their message to not only the public but also correctional facilities. This required a round pen to be set up on the SBWCC sandlot and a horse to be brought onto facility grounds. 

During the presentation, Pastor Todd Pierce of Riding High Ministries utilizes an un-broke horse that has typically never been ridden to spread the message of finding freedom to live a life with purpose. 

Pastor Todd explains during his presentation that without any training, guidance, love, and compassion, the horse knows no other purpose but to survive. Through him and future training, the horse will be shown that there is more to life.

The message he relayed went beyond any religious beliefs and was so relatable to the inmates’ lives and their experiences that it had an incredible impact on them. 

The horse that was utilized in the SBWCC presentation is named Ranger, and he came from a family in the Treasure Valley.

At only 16-months old, he has had little-to-no training other than being halter broken and spoiled with treats. 

Before the event, Pastor Todd explained of all the times he has put on this presentation, Ranger was by far the youngest he had ever done this with. He was skeptical as to how far he would get with a horse this young. 

Within the first 15 minutes of the presentation, Pastor Todd connected with Ranger and was able to utilize him to send a meaningful and impactful message to the inmates. 

After the presentation, the inmates were allowed to visit with Ranger as well as Pastor Todd, and all of the other volunteers. 

Story published: 09/20/2017
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