Phone system now working

The new inmate phone system is now functioning normally with all services available. As of noon on October 2, more than 6,000 calls successfully connected on the first full day on the new system, and all services are now available.

• Outside parties are able to accept phone calls from inmates.
• Inmates are able to register with the phone system.
• All debit funds have been posted to inmate accounts.

The phone service provider, CenturyLink, worked to resolve all issues that emerged during the switch-over to the new system. IDOC apologizes for the transition issues and thanks those who called to let us know about the technical challenges. If you have a special concern you wish to report, you can call the company at 888-506-8407 or IDOC at 208-658-2176.

Please remember, in order to accept a call from an inmate press or say 5. Details on the new provider are listed on the phone services page.

Story published: 10/02/2014
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