Photos from the salute to Director Reinke

Reinke holds black hat while standing in front of gathering
Brent Reinke, IDOC's former director

On Dec. 5, Idaho Department of Correction staff and members of Idaho’s criminal justice community gathered at the Correctional Industries office in Boise to salute former IDOC director Brent Reinke

He resigned on November 25 after serving 10 years as director of the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections and eight years as director of IDOC.

Here are a few quotes from those who spoke at the event.

You can see photos here.

“What I admired most about you -- you demonstrated dignity and respect for all staff.  You came in early. You stayed late. You took the opportunity to learn and appreciate their contributions to our agency.

-Henry Atencio, IDOC Division of Probation and Parole chief

“We have never had someone who is outwardly focused like you that was able to navigate those minefields and help us survive not only walking through them but excel.”

-Jeff Zmuda, IDOC Division of Prisons chief

“Thank you for being a mentor and a friend and leading not only the people here (at IDOC) but the entire state (Idaho Criminal Justice) commission.”

-Sara Thomas, current ICJC chairwoman and Idaho state appellate public defender

“I can speak for every one of the 44 sheriffs in the state of Idaho we respect this guy.  It was under his leadership that we bridged even the concept that is someday going to come to fruition where we quit building jails and prisons and build centers where we can take offenders and make them better, regardless of whether they’re convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.”

-Gary Raney, Ada County sheriff

“He helped me succeed in so many ways that I could not have succeeded otherwise.”

-Denton Darrington, former chairman of the Idaho senate judiciary committee 

“Fear not; He’s not going to be gone long. He is going to pop up in some way, somehow serving you and serving this state, and I’m super excited.  If he’s anywhere in my district, he’s going to be getting my vote.”

-Kevin Kempf, IDOC director

Story published: 12/12/2014
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