Post Register: D7 provides necessities to newly released probationers, parolees

about 10 D7 staff stand in room with clothes and a probationer
By Johnathan Hogan, reporter, Post Register

When Pedro Gracia was released from jail after violating his probation, he had little more than the clothes on his back. They were the same clothes he was arrested in, returned as he transitioned from incarcerated life to the open world.

For Gracia that could have been the beginning of a cycle leading back to prison. He couldn’t wear the same outfit day after day, or go to a job interview and expect to be hired. He admitted that in the past when on probation, he considered shoplifting clothes.

This time, however, Gracia received help he had not expected from the Probation and Parole Office in Idaho’s Seventh District: Three pairs of pants, four shirts, a coat, a pair of shoes, a hygiene bag and two days worth of food.

For the past six months, the Probation and Parole Office has been operating a clothing closet forreturning citizens looking to get back on their feet. Parolees can receive a “day one” package ofnecessities.








Story published: 12/23/2019
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