Presentence Investigators Make a Difference

Photo of Stefanie Wells
Cory Barrier, District Manager, District 3 Probation and Parole

PSI's are amongst the hardest working and most dedicated professionals at IDOC. The work they do is demanding, tedious and exhausting. The interviews they conduct can be tragic, frustrating and emotionally draining, yet they find a way to get the job done and meet the highest of professional standards in the process. Their jobs require them to compile a mountain of information about a person's life. They analyze the information and then craft a thoughtful recommendation to the court based on those findings.

Despite the challenging and complex nature of completing multiple presentence reports each week, investigators are keen to the personal aspect of the job as well. They often find ways to connect with defendants and encourage them to begin the re-building process. Stefanie Wells is a Presentence Investigator in District 3 who was kind enough to share such a story.

Following an in-custody interview with a defendant, Stefanie received a letter acknowledging the impact their conversation had on the overall perspective she had towards the future. Faced with a substance addiction that had impacted all aspects of her life, she was ready to give up. The letter thanked Stefanie for taking the time to sincerely connect with her circumstances and situation in such a caring and professional manner. While there remains much more work to be done, Stefanie's approach to the job has changed this person's perspective on what the future can hold. Great job Stefanie!

Thank you to all the amazing Presentence Investigators out there, you truly do make a difference in people's lives!

Story published: 07/25/2019
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