Probation & Parole Officers Make a Difference!

parolee stands between two parole officers
By Cory Barrier, Deputy District Manager, District 3 Probation & Parole

Derick Carter was presented with his Gold Seal by Lead Probation and Parole Officers Cowan and Thomas on July, 13th at the District 3 Probation & Parole office in Caldwell. 

He requested his supervising officers present him his Gold Seal based on the critical role they played in helping him succeed on parole.  Derick explained that while his Parole Officers were tough when they needed to be, he felt they were ultimately there to support and guide him through the change process. 

Mr. Carter has been in our system for over 10 years, and has been on supervision since 2009.  After completing rigorous treatment while on supervision, he is now a contributing member of the community. 

Throughout this process, Derick came in contact with many IDOC staff over the years, all of whom played a role in helping him achieve this milestone. 

Derick was not only beaming with pride, he was looking towards his future with a smile on his face.

Probation & Parole Officers from all over the state deal with complicated and difficult situations daily, with no two cases being exactly alike.  It takes an arsenal of skills and a community of support to help clients navigate the change process. 

All too often, these highly talented Probation & Parole Officers don’t get to see the fruits of their labor, but rest assured they make a difference!  The skill, dedication and fortitude it takes to work with society’s most challenging individuals is something you can’t put a price tag on.    

What stands out about Matt and Jessica is their approach to the way they supervise clients.  Both of them are an example of finding the right balance between accountability and programming to reach a positive outcome.  They are invested in the work and believe in people’s ability to change.  

There are so many stories out there just like Derick with a Probation & Parole Officer working hard behind the scenes to make it happen! 

Thanks for what you do!!!

Story published: 07/16/2018
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