PWCC inmates make ‘comforting devices’ for cancer patients

Device with note attached describing how it works
By Warden Amanda Gentry, Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center

Working together with our inmate population, Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center Sgt. Gilbey, Cpl. Peterson, and C/O Miller, orchestrated a project for our local cancer center to create "comforting devices".  

These "comforting devices" are rice bags the patients use to warm-up after receiving treatment.  

In addition, the inmates made a crocheted hat, scarf, or set of gloves, to go with each rice bag. 

Their purpose in participating in this worthwhile project was to uplift spirits and offer comfort to those receiving cancer treatments by offering them free handmade items. 

Story published: 04/12/2018
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