Reentry center residents help Brush Up Nampa

about a dozen residents stand in front of home for photo
By Bruce Wells-Moore, Manager, Nampa Community Reentry Center

For the past several years the Nampa Community Reentry Center (N-CRC) has participated in Nampa’s “Brush Up Nampa.” This year was no exception. 

Saturday, June 8th was our 7th year painting a home for Brush Up Nampa. 

I want to express my appreciation for the hard work of officer’s Chynoweth and Ramos, and the 14 offenders that participated in this year’s event. 

Jared Bryan, Nampa’s Economic Development and Community Project Manager wrote the following:

“You have done such an amazing job at working on these homes and beautifying their neighborhoods.  The homeowners are so appreciative of this.  During the day on Saturday, Councilwoman Sandi Levi was out taking pictures.  She has let me know that she has posted these pictures on her Facebook page, sandilevitownhall, and wanted me to pass this on to you.  Attached, you will find additional photos that were passed along to me.” 

Story published: 06/11/2019
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