Refocused on Reentry

Slide that shows rate of recidivism at CWCs v. non CWCs
Reentry centers work.

Idaho’s work centers have a new name and a mission more closely focused on what they do best, help inmates reenter society.  The Education, Treatment and Reentry Division requested the change, and the Board of Correction approved renaming the centers from community work centers to community reentry centers (CRC). 

“Work is an important part, but the title work center no longer encompasses the mission,” says Reentry Manager Terressa Baldridge who oversees the four centers.

Baldridge worked with Research and Analysis to measure recidivism results to see who benefits the most from reentry centers. The IDOC Research team discovered all offenders benefit, with CWC’s reducing recidivism 5 percentage points when compared to non-CWC offenders.

The largest recidivism reductions were seen for those choosing to parole, those who stay in the CWC less than a year, and inmates who are 30 or older.

Baldridge says those paroling are most successful, but toppers can still be placed in reentry centers as well. “We found out we want to target the group we are most effective with, but we don’t want to eliminate people’s ability to go to the centers,” says Baldridge.

The reentry team is planning open houses in October at all four centers. In addition to the new reentry title, the Board also voted to change the South Idaho Correctional Institution Community Work Center the Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center. When first opened, the SICI-CWC was managed by the SICI warden, but that has changed as the program evolved. The changes are effective immediately.

Story published: 09/04/2014
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