SAWC participates in Shop-with-a-Cop event

Officers wrap presents

On Saturday, the Idaho Department of Correction’s St. Anthony Work Camp had the opportunity—jointly—with other surrounding agencies to participate in ‘Shop With A Cop’. 

Correctional Officers Keenan Mace and Steve Weatherston, Food Service Officer Mikel Rusk, Correctional Corporal Neal Evans, and Correctional Sergeants Adam Carrick, Aaron Hinckley, Trevor Maupin, and John Warship were all present either directing traffic to open tables or packing toys into boxes, wrapping them up, and placing them back into carts to be wheeled out and taken home. 

It was a great opportunity for the Work Camp Officers to interact with the public, shake their hands, smile and laugh with them, and get to know those whom they work hard every day to protect and serve and have some fun at the same time offering some community service and—for some—working alongside colleagues in other agencies to bring some kids, hopefully, a better Christmas for themselves and their families and were without question honored to do so. 

Correctional Sergeant Warship stated: “It doesn’t matter the background of where we come from, all that mattered at that time—in that moment—was the smiles on our staff's faces and the smiles on the kids’ faces. It was really great to see our staff working together on a cause greater than ourselves. I’m not big on words but moments like this make me proud to work for IDOC.”

Story published: 12/12/2017
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