SBWCC back to normal after noro outbreak

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Visiting has resumed at South Boise Women’s Correctional Center after a norovirus outbreak among inmates forced the facility to modify its operations.

Between April 1 and April 8, 53 inmates showed symptoms consistent with norovirus, a common illness that is referred to as food poisoning, stomach flu and cruise-ship flu.

On April 14, SBWCC returned to normal operations 48 hours after the last inmate to show symptoms had fully recovered. SBWCC staff and inmates will continue vigorous disinfection measures using bleach for the next three weeks.

In addition to the resumption of visiting, inmate transports and education and treatment programs have resumed.

On April 11, test results confirmed the illness was caused by norovirus.

SBWCC is a 284-bed treatment and transition facility for minimum-security, female offenders.  It is located in the South Boise Correctional Complex. 

Story published: 04/14/2014
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