SBWCC collects clothes for women nearing release

Woman looks at clothes folded on shelves
SBWCC's reentry closet
By LeeAnn Cochems/ SBWCC Case Manager

Today South Boise Women’s Correctional Center is ready to assist women leaving our facility with respect and some nice clothes to start their new life in. 

What once was a storage closet is now a closet of hope.

SBWCC had a need for a re-entry closet for the ladies who are released to the community to have a warm and fresh start with clothing for when they re-enter the community.  This need was answered.  SICI-PRC is welcome to use our new closet.

This is especially important when they are returning home and traveling on buses to Pocatello, Twin Falls and as far as Coeur d’Alene. 

SBWCC held a small clothing drive within a few facilities to ask for donations. We called on IDOC and Peer Wellness. IDOC staff and Monica Forbes (Peer Wellness) answered the call. 

Many Thanks to LeRae Asson, Jill Linder, Kristina Wade, and Amanda Craig for leading the drives in their facilities! Thanks for taking time during the holidays to keep the women incarcerated at SBWCC warm when released this winter.

Thank you to the fine people at Central Office. You are amazing and always answer the call to help offenders with clothes or Christmas decorations. Your hearts are big. 

Thank you Director Atencio for loading our van with the clothing donated from Central Office.

Thank you, Warden Chad Page, for donating and the wonderful people at SICI who donated and reached in their closets at Christmas.  One fantastic staff reached out to their church.

Thanks to District 3 Probation and Parole for giving clothing to the women of SBWCC. It is really appreciated. You know how it can really effect change. 

And lastly, much gratitude to the staff at SBWCC that continue to donate and give. They let the women they work with walk in their shoes. The heart of SBWCC is large and they continue to amaze.

The women at SBWCC cannot thank you enough for the donations given this December.  The smiles and excitement on their faces relieves some of the nervousness and tension of leaving and having to start over. 

Thank you so much. So proud to work with such dedicated professionals. IDOC Proud.

If you are interested in donating, we still need warm shoes and coats. We will be accepting new donations at the beginning of February. Please contact Case Manager Cochems in February 208-334-2731 X6111

Story published: 01/16/2018
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