SBWCC helps restore sage grouse habitat

inmates with sagebrush seedlings
By LeeAnn Cochems, Correctional Case Manager, South Boise Women’s Correctional Center

The Sagebrush Restoration Project headed by Educator Deserae Deulus at SBWCC has been a success this summer! The program started at the end of April and has developed into a labor of love for all involved.  Education Manager Ambrose Richardson stated, “Deserae is amazing. Under her direction, the sagebrush program has thrived like never before. Her positive attitude and energy is contagious!”

This program involved a crew of women at our facility and gave them the opportunity to raise and nurture 30,000 sagebrush plants that will ultimately save the environment of the sage grouse. The hope is for sage grouse to prosper with our help and to save them from extinction. All the hard work has paid off and SBWCC exceeded what it has produced in previous years.

In conjunction with the sagebrush grown on-site, educational opportunities offered to the women at SBWCC included attending seminars on basic bird identification, raptor conservation presentations, and a showing of the PBS special, “The Sagebrush Sea”.   

During the last three years, an important aspect of this entire venture has been collaboration between SBWCC, Applied Ecology, Bureau of Land Management, and the Sustainability in Prisons Project.


Story published: 09/05/2018
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