"Sentences" 2019 ISCC Creative Writing Project

ISCC Creative Writing Project
David Melhaff, Education Program Manager, Idaho State Correctional Center

"Opportunities to interact with others from beyond these walls has been rare during my 24 years of incarceration..." states Christopher Shanahan ISCC Creative Writing Project student during the "Sentences" writing event held August 21st in the ISCC Visiting Center. The project was created by Shane Brown, Camille Barigar and ISCC students with support and participation of the Idaho Commission on the Arts and Project Flux.

Shane Brown is an instructor from the College of Southern Idaho and volunteers twice per month teaching ISCC inmates creative writing. Lance Ward states, "Real magic happens at events like 'Sentences' when the connection is made with the outside world and we realize we have more in common than not." Students presented writings to 75 guests including family, members of the community, and IDOC staff.

Story published: 09/13/2019
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