Seventh annual resource fair will explore ways to help newly released offenders, others succeed

photo of booths at fair
The 2016 resource fair

An event aimed at making Idaho safer by helping newly released inmates succeed after they are released from prison is coming up next month in Garden City. 

The event is the Community Information and Resource Fair – Garden City. The fair will provide representatives from community organizations and government agencies an opportunity to network and explore ways they can work together to reduce recidivism.  

The fair will also provide a forum to explore ways to help people who have not been convicted of a crime but need help with issues like addiction, mental illness, housing, transportation and employment.

“We started the fair back in 2010, and every year it gets better,” says Idaho Department of Correction Director Henry Atencio. “We’ve shown that by finding new ways for government agencies and community groups to work together, we can help people turn around their lives and make Idaho a better place to live.” 

The fair will be held:       

Friday, Sept 15, 2017

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Vineyard Christian Fellowship

4950 Bradley St.

Garden City, ID

The participants will include:

Secular and faith-based organizations offering recovery programs, transition and support services

City, county and state government agencies and law enforcement

Non-profit organizations providing such items as clothing and bikes to those in need

Organizations offering self-help programs, food, clothing, housing and referrals

Community mental health and medical services

Veterans resources

The public is invited with the purpose of the fair to:

Offer a networking forum for community organizations to promote and learn about transition, re-entry, and support services for offenders returning to the community and those in the community who stand in need of assistance

Provide case managers, ex-offenders, families, parole/probation officers, volunteers, mentors, and workforce and employment consultants an opportunity to identify and understand available community resources

Identify offender-friendly resources to enhance existing resource manuals

Educate the public of the critical need to develop sustainable partnerships to ensure safe communities in Idaho

For more information contact:

Boyd Chikatulah, 3 Oaks Ministries, (208) 968-1991


Jeff Kirkman, Idaho Department of Correction (208) 658-2073

Story published: 08/08/2017
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