SHN and ICIO Working Together

SHN Superintendent shows ICIO Warden one of the trees that needs to go
Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution - Orofino

ICIO and State Hospital North facilities border each other, and continue to work together to keep things looking nice and safe. For those who do not know, two of ICIO's three main buildings were once part of State Hospital North (SHN). Back in 1984 the first building, McKelway Hall, was given to the IDOC by SHN to develop into a prison that included medium & minimum custody. In 1989, A-Block was built off to the west side of McKelway and it was designed to hold close custody inmates. In 1994, the third building, Givens Hall, was turned over to the IDOC from SHN and converted into administration offices and the ICIO Special Projects unit. Recently ICIO Warden Carlin and SHN Superintendent Todd Hurt took a walk around the facilities locating approx. five questionable trees around the two facilities. ICIO Special Projects is being tasked with using their fire fighter staff, inmate sawyers, and swampers to bring them down and eventually make them into sweat-lodge wood.

Story published: 07/24/2019
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