SICI-CWC helps Kuna teen

Two inmates in yellow shirts flank Boone who is holding a big check
CWC residents Vincent Samares (left) and Thomas Massey with Boone

A Kuna teenager who was paralyzed while playing football recently got a boost from residents of the South Idaho Correctional Institution Community Work Center. They donated $760 of their hard-earned money to help Boone Bartlome who broke his neck in a state football playoff game on Nov. 8.

Boone and his mother visited the work center on March 12 to accept the donation. “The Bartlomes were very impressed with the donation from the offenders and our program. And very thankful I might add,” said SICI-CWC administrative assistant Jill Yordy. “To top it off Boone got out of the car by himself!”

SICI-CWC residents have a proud record of giving. Four times a year they raise money for a worthy cause like the Boys and Girls Club of Ada County and the Idaho Foodbank. 

This was the first time the residents have been had the opportunity to meet someone who will directly benefit from their generosity.
The residents say it’s important for them to show the public that they are ready to become contributing members of society. 

Story published: 04/03/2014
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