Silver Cross presented to 12 Idaho correctional professionals

medal with ribbon
IDOC's Silver Cross medal.

The Idaho Department of Correction has presented its Silver Cross Award to 12 correctional professionals for saving the life of an inmate who attempted suicide.

At the Idaho Board of Correction’s meeting at Idaho Maximum Security Institution on April 9, 2015, IMSI’s warden, Al Ramirez, read the summary of the incident that was used to nominate the recipients for the award.

While conducting a count in A-block, Officer Ken Thompson found [an offender] hanging in his cell. He immediately called for a response team and entered the cell with Officer David Ranck

Medical staff Kevin Kaae, Zach Norton and Josh Tucket arrived to find the offender’s breathing to be shallow and erratic. A weak pulse was detected. 

An ambulance was called for and [the offender] was transported to St. Alphonsus Medical Center for further treatment. 

The coordinated action, managed and supervised by the shift commander, Lt. Julie Tamez [née McDonald] and assistant shift commander Sgt. Robert Howard, as well as unit staff and alpha-response team staff, correctional officers Julie Dietz, Chris Ackerman, Curt Hatmaker, Riley Hayes, and Tia Dutson, resulted in saving [the offender’s] life on August 4th, 2014.

IDOC's Silver Cross is awarded to correctional professionals who display prompt or alert action resulting in a life being saved or the prevention of serious injury to others and for demonstrating exceptional care for other individuals.

You can see photos of the recipients here.

Story published: 04/21/2015
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