Spotlight on an Outstanding NICI Inmate

Photo of NICI Inmate
Christine Reuter, Office Specialist 2, North Idaho Correctional Institution - Cottonwood

North Idaho Correctional Institution would like to shine the spotlight on an outstanding inmate graduating from our program. Inmate Peter Clark was quickly hired as the Admin/Medical Janitor for our facility after staff noticed his outstanding work ethic and attention to detail.

Honor's Unit correctional staff shared that Mr. Clark is always willing to work, he works with other inmates as a mentor, and he has continued to earn his place in the Honor's Team.

Supervising staff member, Kim Greenwood, has never seen such a hard worker. She said he is the most industrious janitor we have ever had and takes direction well. He has accomplished so much since he has been at NICI and we appreciate all of the beautiful changes he has made to our facility.

Not only has he worked hard for this facility, he also volunteers for work crews in the community and is often sought out specifically to see if he is available for work crews.

Medical staff member, Danielle Dunning, replied, "It was a great pleasure to have Mr. Clark work as our janitor in medical. His positive attitude was not only inspiring but contagious to our entire staff. He always worked with a smile and went above and beyond his duties to ensure our medical clinic was clean and stocked to perfection. His attention to detail was impeccable. Any future janitors will have some 'big shoes' to fill!! We wish him strength, success, and a wonderful future. Thank you from the Medical staff at NICI."

Story published: 08/08/2019
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