Spotlighting one of ISCC's officers

Dean with three  military division employees
Dean (in green)
By Warden Jay Christensen, Idaho State Correctional Center

If you ever run into first shift correctional officer Dean at ISCC, you may be finding yourself laughing at his witty humor but very few people know that behind the dedicated security of the night is a published novelist with several interesting state responsibilities. About him-Wm. Shane Dean was honorably discharged from the Air Force in 1980. He joined the Idaho Air National Guard as a firefighter in 1984. In June 1985, Shane accepted an Idaho State Military Division position as an Aerospace Fire Suppression Vehicle operator at the Gowen Field Fire Department. 

Though Shane worked full time as a state military division employee, one of the job requirements was that he also remain a member of the Air National Guard. This meant they still participated in weekend drills and 2-week annual training deployments with the rest of the traditional guardsmen. 

Some notable occurrences while in the employ of the State Military Division:

Received state commendation certificate for quick response and control of a Cessna Sky Master crash incident, in which the Cessna crashed into a line of parked aircraft.

During separate visits of two Presidents (Reagan and Clinton) and a Vice President (Bush) the secret service would roll in the day before a visit. The president’s vehicles and a handful of secret service agents would overnight in Gowen Field’s fire station. They showed the firefighters all the fun things about the President’s car and then they were treated to secret service war stories all night long.

In December 1992 the Gowen Field Fire Chief received notification from the National Guard bureau of a Reduction in Force of four positions on each shift. Shane was later notified by the Chief that he was among those being laid off. His final day as a State Military Division Employee came to an end in late January 1993.  Shane remained a traditional Guardsman in The Idaho Air National Guard up to his honorable discharge and retirement in May 1998.

In October of 2007 Shane accepted the offer of a position as a correctional officer with CCA. Over the years he worked a variety of posts until 2011 when he joined the TC security team in the PIE building. In his words, “If you poked me I bled TC.” Shane remained in this post up to the time the facility transitioned to IDOC (ISCC). He continued with the TC security team until the program was discontinued. He remained out in what is now known as H-Block for another couple years. In January of 2018 Shane transitioned out of H-Block as a floor officer in E-Block. He, working closely with the unit supervisors and assisting the 1st shift E-Block team apply the standard of “Firm, Fair and Consistent” as he has strived to do throughout his corrections career. Shane is currently the 1st shift Medical Officer at ISCC.

Some notable occurrences while in the employ of IDOC: 

Received his 15-year service award this past fall.   

Story published: 12/19/2018
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