Sr. Probation and Parole Officer Jaclyn Brumbaugh named District 2 Employee of the Quarter!

District 2 Awards The Employee of the Quarter to Probation and Parole Officer Jaclyn Brumbaugh.  Jaclyn has volunteered for many assignments in the last 3 months that have directly impacted the districts ability to keep up with supervision standards.  Jaclyn demonstrates teamwork and a positive attitude everyday and models the values set forth by the department.  Jaclyn's peers describe her as hard working, sincere, honest and cares about the offenders she supervises.   Jaclyn also partners with our local Law Enforcement teams and provides support and leadership while completing field work.   Recently, Jaclyn participated in District 7 as an LSI instructor and received very favorable feedback from her colleagues and the Leadership team in that district.  District 2 is very proud to have Jaclyn representing us statewide.  Thank you Jaclyn for your dedication and commitment in performing your job responsibilities and furthering the mission for our department.  You are a great example to us all!  Congratulations on your accomplishment of Employee of the Quarter.  You deserve this recognition!


Glenda Thomson, District Manager

Story published: 05/01/2019
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