Staff photo: Count time at IMSI

Two men sit at table tallying count sheets
IMSI Lt. Marc Aiello (left) and Warden Al Ramirez.

Idaho Maximum Security Institution Sgt. Chris Audens sent us this photo of IMSI Warden Al Ramirez and Lt. Marc Aiello conducting count.

All IDOC correctional facilities must conduct at least five formal counts a day. During a formal count, inmates must be in their cells, on or in contact with their assigned beds, in an area approved for count, or listed on an out-count sheet.

IMSI Sgt. Jay Link snapped the photo.

Thanks for sending us the photo Sgt. Audens. 

IDOC’s public information office is always on the lookout for good pictures of the department’s facilities and staff.

If you have a photo you like, email it to PIO Jeff Ray.

But please only send photos that you’re willing to take credit for and share with IDOC staff and the public.

Whenever possible, we’ll include your name in the cutline.

Story published: 08/27/2015
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