Staff photo: Icy SICI

Frozen fog on SICI's perimeter fence
Photo courtesy Laura Kiehl, SICI

Laura Kiehl, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialist at South Idaho Correctional Institution, sent us this photo of early winter weather conditions at SICI.

“This is just a cell phone picture, but the fence at SICI-PRC looked awesome with the freezing fog on Tuesday morning,” Laura wrote.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday's morning low of 4 degrees established a Boise record for Nov. 18. It was the third consecutive morning of record-breaking low temperatures.

Thanks for the photo, Laura.

IDOC’s public information office is always on the lookout for good pictures of the department’s facilities and staff in action.

If you have a photo you like, email it to PIO Jeff Ray.

Please include the names of the people who are in the picture so we can include them in the cutline.

But please only send photos that you’re willing to take credit for and share with IDOC staff and the public.

Whenever possible, we’ll include your name in the photo courtesy cutline.

Story published: 11/21/2014
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