Staff photo: IMSI flagpole

Looking up pole to U.S. flag and POW flag waving in breeze
Photo courtesy IMSI Lt. Chad Page

Idaho Maximum Security Institution Lt. Chad Page got this great perspective on the Starts and Stripes and the POW/MIA flag fluttering in the breeze atop the IMSI flagpole.

You can get a better look at the shot here.

Chad took this picture and others you'll be seeing here on EDOC in the weeks to come with a Nikon N60 camera. He says he recently took up photography as a hobby and has been getting tips from IMSI Sgt. Guy Jenkins and IDOC intelligence and investigations coordinator Nicole Fraser

Thanks for the photo, Chad!

IDOC's public information office is always on the lookout for good pictures of the department's facilities and of staff in action.

If you have a photo you like, email it to PIO Jeff Ray at

But please only send photos that you're willing to take credit for, and share with IDOC staff and the public. Whenever possible we'll include your name in the photo courtesy cutline.

Story published: 04/24/2014
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