Staff photo: Tower 1 sunrise

Sunrise directly behind ISCI's Tower 1
Photo courtesy Sgt. Bick Christon, ISCI

Sgt. Bick Christon snapped this spectacular shot of the sun rising behind Tower 1 at Idaho State Correctional Institution.

He took the picture as he was showing up for work on June 10.

You can get a better look at the image here.

Thanks for the pic, Bick!

IDOC’s public information office is always on the lookout for good pictures of the department’s facilities and staff in action.

If you have a photo you like, email it to PIO Jeff Ray.

But please only send photos that you’re willing to take credit for and share with IDOC staff and the public.Whenever possible, we’ll include your name in the cutline.

Story published: 07/22/2015
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