Staff photos: MI training

about a dozen people stand for a photo
Photo courtesy Brenda LaMott

Brenda LaMott sent us these photos of IDOC staff members who participated recently in training for motivational interviewing techniques.

Here's a description of MI from Jarred Thompson, section supervisor for Probation and Parole District 7. 

You can see more photos of the training here.

EDOC: What is MI?  

Thompson: It’s an easy way of helping people find their own reasons for change. It’s a way of using questions and statements strategically to help people think and talk in a positive direction.

Motivational Interviewing is “a collaborative, person-centered form of guiding to elicit and strengthen motivation for change.”

-Stephen Rollnick, PhD 2009”

EDOC: What will the trainers be doing?

Thompson The trainers will be providing initial and booster training for agency staff and coordinating communities of practice for district personnel.  The focus is on a long term professional development program. 

EDOC: How many more trainees will you be training? 

Thompson: We trained two groups of about 12 each. We just finished the first group the next group will finish 1st week in September.  Next year we will repeat the process and add another cohort of 12. We'll add a cohort each year during JRI implementation. The training occurred in Boise this year but may be offered regionally next year. 

To become MI instructor the students had to complete  (1). two weeks 4 days of initial training (2) then had to submit interview tapes to qualify for the trainer course; with score at least 85 on there tapes (3) Had to create a 5 module training curricula; it took 3 to 5 weeks (4) present the training at training for trainers class. As you can guess it was quite difficult and the Idaho Staff had the highest initial scores of any state they have trained.

Photos # 1 Miriam Anderson SICI & Jarred Thompson D-7 (Mi Coordinator)

Photo # 2 Joshua Hanchett D-2 & Veronica Henry D-2

Photo # 3 Brandi Fowler PWCC & Joyce Cumpton D-7

Photo # 4  Front Row: Brandi Fowler PWCC, Jarred Thompson D-7, Joyce Cumpton D-7, Miriam Anderson SICI Middle: Victor Contreras D-6, Gail Johnson D-5, Joshua Hanchett D-2, Veronica Henery D-2 Back Row: Brian Land D-6, (Todd Roberts Instructor, Building Motivation Great Lakes Training Inc.), Angella Catlin D-7, Colin Starry D-4 (black shirt standing behind and between two women on the right side of the photo).    

Story published: 08/06/2015
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