Taking treatment outside

Inmates sit under umbrellas for class
By Kristi Skeem, Program Manager, Idaho State Correctional Center

On such a nice summer day 8.21.19, ISCC case managers Gladymar Rodriguez and Crystal Robles lead a CBISA substance abuse treatment group in an alternative space, ISCC’s activities yard, instead of the traditional classroom. 

They are using the activities yard, field trip style, as an appropriate reward for a group doing well. 

Our JPA audits encourage group facilitators to reward their group 4:1 ratio of reward vs discipline. 

They are leading module 4 social skill development, and using the alternative space outside, increases the bridgeway between left brain and right brain communication.

This will continue to enhance the social skills cognitive behavioral processing. 

Great job Gladymar and Crystal!  

Story published: 08/22/2019
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