Team photo: The Fighting Kangaroos

About 12 people stand for a photo wearing softball uniforms
The D-6 Fighting Kangaroos

The Probation and Parole District 6 staff have built strong partnerships with the Pocatello-area community.

One example ois the district's softball team. 

It's sponsored by a treatment provider -- Gateway Counseling. 

The team's official name is the Gateway Counseling Fighting Kangaroos.

Sr. PPO Raynee Myler sent us this photo. 

Thanks for the picture, Raynee.

We want to see a picture of your IDOC team!

Email a photo to IDOC’s public information officer, Jeff Ray. 

We’ll post it on the IDOC’s Twitter feed, @idocalert, and  Facebook page, idoc.alert

Story published: 08/10/2015
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