The Idaho Military Division requests help!

Photos of inmates shoveling snow in 2008, 2019
Photos by Lt. Heun (2008) and Cpl. Mozley (2019)
By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

Everything appeared, at the end of January, that North-central Idaho was going to have a very mild winter; very little snow. 

On February 2nd the groundhog didn’t see his shadow; meaning winter was pretty much over. 

Then it happened! Shortly after the groundhog event, it started snowing and has not really let up since! 

Due to the large amount of snowfall, the Idaho Military Division requested ICIO Special Projects’ help at the Idaho Youth Academy building in Pierce. 

ICIO Inmates spent days on location removing approx. 5-foot-deep snow off the flat-roofed building, saving the day again. 

Projects last visit to this building was 2008 (vacant Pierce Elementary School at that time), when teams of inmates were sent to save the roof from an equivalent amount of snow. 

Note – since the incorrect prediction by the groundhog, he has requested protective custody. 

Story published: 03/02/2019
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