Point of Entry opens this month

New Point of Entry building
South Boise's new Point of Entry building

In a move aimed at making South Boise correctional facilities safer for staff, inmates and visitors, the Idaho Department of Correction is opening a new checkpoint at the entrance to the South Boise Correctional Complex.

The checkpoint is called the Point of Entry building.  It will be staffed on random days and at random times. 

Prisons Division Chief Jeff Zmuda says he knows that stopping at the Point of Entry building will be an inconvenience, but he hopes people will remember the reasons behind it.

"We're trying to control access to that complex and make the area safer for everyone," Zmuda says. "It will be especially valuable during an event such as an execution, disturbance or lockdown."

The building will operate under four levels of security protocol. They are:

Level One
No I.D. checks will be required. Some vehicles may be waved through. Correctional officers will greet visitors and, if needed, provide them with information and directions.

Level Two
Correctional officers will randomly require some vehicle occupants (except for minor children) to provide a valid photo I.D. 

Level Three
All vehicle occupants, except for minor children, will be required to show I.D.

Level Four
In addition to photo I.D. checks, correctional officers will inspect all vehicles entering the complex.  This includes an examination of their undercarriage and trunk.

An electronic sign with the words "open" and "closed" will indicate when the Point of Entry is staffed and drivers are required to pull alongside the right side of the building.

Story published: 10/02/2013
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