Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center First Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event

Collin Young, Correctional Case Manager, Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center

Since February of 2017, the Treasure Valley Community Re-Entry Center (TVCRC) has focused on bridging the gap between prison and parole. TVCRC has been fortunate enough to have over 42 of our partners in the community come out and serve our population by providing religious, recovery, educational, or housing services.

Every Monday night, TVCRC hosts a guest speaker from our community. Our population is then able to ask questions, network, and pursue future partnerships with them. To express our gratitude, we hosted the first annual Volunteer Appreciation Event at TVCRC on Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 1400-1600. Our community partners were invited to join us in a late afternoon lunch and a Certificate of Appreciation Presentation. While we would have loved for all of our community partners to be present for this event; we were grateful for those that were able to attend. We know how important it is to have wrap around services, a continuum of care, and support in the community. As they say, "it takes a village". No one can do recovery alone. The Treasure Valley Community Re-Entry Center is extremely grateful to those who serve our population. To our following partners:

Rising Sun Sober Living (Antoinette Archambeau, Austin Archambeau, Marc Archambeau), Peer Wellness Center (Monica Forbes), SHIP Housing (Laurel McLellen), Celebrate Recovery (Brock Taylor, Lee Bloom), St. Vincent De Paul (Cindi Real), Ambitions of Idaho (Tammy Morin), Fresh Start Recovery Services (Chad Reiher), Peer Recovery Supports of Idaho (Rebecca Lee McDaniel, Dan Ingham), TRIO Education Opportunities (Holly Kimbrell), Narcotics Anonymous (Dave Pywell), Human Supports of Idaho (Krysteena Stephens, Michael Chippolla), Loyal to 1 Ministry (Joe Evaneski), The Phoenix (Ginny Gobel), IMSI Hope Community Phase II; Just Leadership USA (Mark Renick), Ascent Behavioral Health (Katie Jepson, Reanna Culjat), Brighter Future Health (Patrick Fithen), La Hontan Estate (Ted Bruce), Probation and Parole (Vincent Rodriguez), Access Behavioral Health Services Inc. (Leanne Schwartz), Vocational Rehabilitation (Tara Richardson), Calvary Chapel Services (Jason Archuleta, Dexter Holman), Life Church Services (Gregory Wright, Angela Beutow, Robert Beutow, Jann Brenner, Jolie Brenner, Curtis Johanson, Gayle Johanson, Robert Langus), LDS Services (James Faber, Richard Farnsworth, Ronald Fuller), Jehovah's Witness Services (Richard Kousky), Alcoholics Anonymous (Edward Packer, Christine Wood), and Catholic Services (Mark Geraty, Radmar Jao).

Please accept our most sincere thank you for your service and support. Thank you for your investment in our population, and our community.

Story published: 10/15/2018
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