TV-CRC residents raise $1,800 for Toys for Tots

three kids with bikes

The offenders at Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center stepped up in a HUGE way this year and donated over $1800 to purchase toys for “Toys for Tots”.  

Fred Meyer also partnered with us and gave us 25% off everything!  

Joe Howell with Ace Industrial (long time employer) heard about the Offenders giving to such a great cause and rushed down to Fred Meyer to add $500!! 

It was an amazing event to be a part of…. watching the Offenders filling up carts with toys and enjoying every minute of it!!  

The staff at Fred Meyer were so helpful and were happy to make the money go much further.

We drove the over $2300 worth of toys/two vans full/159 items to a location where they were receiving donations and also handing out food and toys to needy families that qualified to receive them.  

We decided to go outside the “rules” and hand out a few extra toys we didn’t turn in….:o)  

The parents/grandparents/guardian’s we came in contact with waiting in line with their “approved slips” we pulled them aside and made their child’s Christmas a little extra special.  

Gave some bikes w/helmets out to a few families and one father (see attached photo) told us how he has had a rough year with a back surgery and having cancer removed.  He asked if he should wait until Christmas to give his 3 kids the bikes?  We said no and tell them Santa came early!  He gave the bikes to his kids and I received a photo from him of his happy kids with their new bikes and helmets (within an hour) telling everyone how thankful he is.

Merry Christmas from TVCRC Offenders, Joe Howell (Ace Industrial) and Fred Meyer!!             

Story published: 12/21/2017
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