Twenty-Five Years with IDOC

Awarding Service
Esther England, Office Specialist II, District 5 Probation & Parole

Karla Taylor was recently presented with an award for 25 years of outstanding service with IDOC. She began in 1993 as a part-time secretary, promoted to a PSI in 1994 and then to a Sr. PPO from 1997 until 2015. Currently she is a Section Supervisor over D5 Presentence Investigators and a member of the CISM team.

District Manager Collin Widmier said he is very proud of Karla and her leadership qualities. He enjoyed giving her the service award because back in the day, she was his FTO, and she is someone he goes to for input and advice. Ten more, Karla!!

Karla's service has been, and continues to be, an invaluable asset to D5.

Story published: 10/16/2018
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