Update on the new inmate account system

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This message, regarding the new inmate trust account system which went online July 1, has been sent to inmates in all IDOC facilities.

The rollout challenges experienced last week have been addressed and the entire system is functioning as expected.  

Following is a quick update for you of some of the particulars.

Data Feeds:

Data feeds and daily updates have been flowing well since late last week. Systems are consistently communicating as expected and the pathways are stable.    All interfaces are working and vendor systems involved have the data they need from the IDOC to function properly.  Updates are now sent 4 times a day so if you move housing areas or facilities, the JPay, commissary and phone systems will catch up with you much more quickly than they previously did.


With all of the challenges last week, not all inmates received their orders so some of you are receiving double orders this week to get you caught up.   

The commissary restriction has been removed from property and replaced with the customary quantity restrictions you are used to.  

Remember, there are 2 search options available in the commissary portal:

1) The drop down box is set up to search using “begins with“ methodology. This means you need to know the first word of the item description to find it.

2) The other search option is to use the binoculars icon next to the dropdown box. Using this icon, you can search by any character or letter used the Item Description field. For example, if you type in the word ‘cheese’ you will get a listing of all items that have that word in the description.  

Keefe is continuing to refine descriptions to make these search features easier and more intuitive for you.


The last patch for the Enforcer phone system is in place and we can see that calls are processing correctly within the system.  The Enforcer system will now allow you to make partial time calls.  This means that if you have less than the cost of a 30 minute call in your inmate debit or inmate trust account you will still be allowed to place a phone call but the call will automatically end once you have exhausted available funds.   

Remember, you have the following options to pay for phone calls:

1) Prepaid collect where you use money placed on a particular phone number through ICS by friends and family to pay for a call.

2) Inmate debit / inmate trust where you use money placed on your inmate phone account through ICS by friends and family and/or your inmate trust account to pay for the call. 

Note:  Enforcer will automatically use inmate debit time first before it uses inmate trust money to pay for a debit call.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked through some unanticipated challenges.  We will continue to monitor all the systems involved to ensure that things remain stable and functional.

Story published: 07/21/2016
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