Update: South Boise Correctional Complex

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Three prisons in the South Boise Correctional Complex – Idaho Maximum Security Institution, Idaho State Correctional Center and Idaho State Correctional Institution - remain on secure status.  

At two of the prisons – IMSI and ISCC – some housing units remain on lockdown. 

At IMSI, A-block and J-block, tier 3 are on lockdown. 

At ISCC, D-block, E-block and G-block, tier 6 are on lockdown.  

At ISCI, no housing units are on lockdown.

A lockdown means inmates are confined to their cells or bunks. 

Secure status means inmates can move about in their housing unit and use the JPay kiosks and phones.All inmates, except those in restrictive-housing for violating institutional rules, have phone access. 

Inmates on lockdown are afforded an opportunity to make calls on a scheduled basis.

Visiting at IMSI, ISCC and ISCI remains suspended.

The chief of the Idaho Department of Correction’s Division of Prisons, Ashley Dowell, says the decision to suspend visiting was not made lightly.

“Families play a key role in helping inmates succeed after they’re released from prison, and visiting helps build and maintain strong family relationships,” Dowell says.  “We regret that we’ve had to suspend visiting for a second weekend, but for now we must put the safety of our staff and inmates before everything else.”

Story published: 01/13/2018
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