Volunteer seeks to spark inmates' interest in STEM

Volunteer speaks to inmates

Kirk Long, a BSU physics student, wanted to volunteer. He found the perfect opportunity to do so in a Robert Janss School classroom. Working in conjunction with the classroom instructor, Mr. Kim Wardwell, Kirk offered to present a physics demonstration and/or experiment as a way of creating excitement for STEM projects and to recruit more students for the GED science class at ISCI. 

For the first demonstration, Kirk utilized a microwave oven along with a glass tray of marshmallows to demonstrate the speed of light by measuring the length of the waves times the frequency.

In another demonstration, Kirk brought in several tubes of various inert gases along with plastic spectrometers and guided students in how to identify the various gases. 

In a future session, plans are being made for Kirk to bring in a solar telescope in which students should be able to safely view enlarged solar spots.

Story published: 03/26/2019
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