Volunteers deliver holiday cookies to IMSI inmates

Volunteer smiles while passing cookie to inmate through food port
By Michael Hartwig, Volunteer Religious Coordinator, Idaho Maximum Security Institution

It was that time of year again, “Christmas” and that means, and I will quote from one of my favorite childhood heroes, the Cookie Monster, “COOKIES…yum yum yum…COOOOOKIES.” 

It also meant that many different faiths based volunteers for the Idaho Maximum Security Institute, teamed up together and passed out cookies to each inmate at the prison.  

“We had a great time, it was a blessing for us to do this.” Gale Corr, a longtime volunteer at IMSI.

“Thanks for asking us to help out, it was good for us,” Ed Packard, the Alcoholics Anonymous volunteer said.  

These are just some of the statements that the volunteers said as they left after passing out the cookies. 

As for me, I thought this would be a challenge to get the volunteers to come in and help out, but it was quite the opposite. 

Each volunteer that was asked, they without hesitation said “yes” or “absolutely.”  

So as I reflect on the great IMSI cookie pass-out… I can only say “Thank you”.

Thank you to Mark Renick and his organization that collected the cookies and brought them out to IMSI.  

Thank you, to the many surrounding churches, who donated the cookies, because if you didn’t do what you to in donating these cookies, well…must I say anything else? Thank you! 

And finally, THANK YOU to the many volunteers who generously donated more of your time to come out and pass out all the cookies.  

You already given so much of your time already, yet you found time to give more.  I am very proud of each of you.  You make my job so much easier. 

It is truly a pleasure to work with each one of you.

So I close with this… “THANK YOU!”

Story published: 12/13/2018
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