Welcome CO Academy 46

graduates stand with right hands raised
CO Academy 46 graduates take the Oath of Honor.

A new group of correctional officers is on the job at Idaho Department of Correction facilities statewide.

The 26 graduates of Correction Academy 46 took the Oath of Honor August 15, 2014 at the Peace Officers Standards Training Academy in Meridian.

You can see photos of the ceremony here.

In his remarks, the president of the class, Timothy R. Harris, urged his classmates to support their colleagues and maintain a good attitude.

“Guard yourself and your mind against negativity the same way you would protect your family from a burglar. Because whether you realize it or not, in a roundabout way, it’s the same thing,” Harris said. “A negative attitude and a negative frame of mind will take a lot of things from you.”

Idaho State Correctional Center Warden Randy Blades delivered the graduation address. He told the graduates their alert presence is the most important quality they will bring to their jobs.

“In prisons, we have dangers --shanks, squawky, gangs that are planning and implementing plans right under our nose,” Blades said. “Why can they do that? [Because] there are also other dangers in prisons as well –- chairs computers and telephones. While our faces, ears and attention are focused on computer screens and extended phone calls, offenders are making shanks and gangs are making plans."

Story published: 09/04/2014
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