Welcome CO Academy 49

Officers stand with right hand raised while taking Oath of Honor
Photos courtesy POST

A new group of correctional officers is on the job at Idaho Department of Correction facilities.

The 39 members of Correction Academy #49 took the Oath of Honor January 30, 2015 at the Peace Officers Standards Training Academy in Meridian.

South Boise Women's Correctional Center Warden Noel Barlow-Hust delivered the graduation address.

You can see photos of the ceremony here.

Story published: 02/17/2015

Special awards and acknowledgements

Class president - Craig Laing

Class vice president - Bethany Seeger

Tactical Edge award - Christopher Knudson

Top Student - Nathan Collins


Class motto

"Fire melts wax but hardens steel."

Class roster

Casy J. Abels - ISCI

Jennifer M. Adams - ISCC

Kirstin N. Artley - ISCI

Bruce R. Baldwin - PWCC

Benjamin S. Barrows - SICI

Jordan B. Baxter - ISCI

Chad J. Borup - IMSI

Kristy M. Boswell - ISCC

Brian E. Bradshaw - ISCC

Randall D. Brown - IMSI

Frank A. Causey - ISCC

Nathan C. Collins - NICI

Kyle A. Dycus - IDOC

Ronald L. Dye Jr - ISCC

Titus L. Fay - ISCI

Patsy J. Flaharty - IMSI

Chrisann M. Horton - IMSI

Alex M. Hottinger - IMSI

Jamie D. Hyles - IFCRC

Marissa J. Johnson - PWCC

Patrick L. Kehrwald - IMSI

Christopher J.Kelley - ISCI

Christopher R. Knudson - IMSI

Valicity E. Koen - ISCC

Sarah M. Krenz - IMSI

Craig Laing - IMSI

Matthew P. Lytle - ISCC

Allison R. McManus - ISCI

Michael B. Mendez - IMSI

Rachel A. Moore - IDOC

Kayse R. Nations - ISCI

Jordan D. Newton - ISCC

James R. Rutledge - ISCC

Bethany D. Seeger - ISCI

Julia A. Senior - ICIO

Brian W. Tester - ISCI

Tyler J. Torrey - ISCC

Brian W. Walton - ISCC

Brett M. Wilkins - ISCC

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